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Band of Gamers Podcast, Episode 2

Band of Gamers Podcast, Episode 2

Band of Gamers Destiny GuardiansBand of Gamers Podcast

Episode 2, March 1st, 2015

In this episode of the “Band of Gamers” Podcast DBQHams, Osiris Prime, and Greylock3491 discuss what they’ve played, Games crossing over into other media, and a new Nielson report about gamers moving from last gen to next gen.

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In the first segment DBQ, Prime, and Grey discuss what they’ve played this week including Destiny, Kriby Rainbow Curse, New 3DS XL, Bravely Default , NES Remix, Theatrhythm Curtain Call, CoD: Advanced Warfare, Minecraft, and Disney Infinity 2.0.

In the next segment they discuss the new Destiny app and how it works with the vault.

Then they discuss a Nielsen Study on console ownership for current gen vs. old gen.

And they wrap up their discussion with a conversation about games crossing over into other media, like the Telltale TV series, books and graphic novels.

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– The Band of Gamers crew