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Building an Exploration Anaconda (Exploraconda)

Building an Exploration Anaconda (Exploraconda)

In light of the issues with SRV’s and Guardian Missions, last month my Co-host MaceByte and I decided to return to our Two Guys in Space series and make the trip to Colonia.

Using our alternate “TGS” accounts on the XBOX One, we set out to earn enough credits to purchase and outfit an Anaconda for a trip to Colonia.

After grinding passenger missions out at Ceos, and making roughly 200 million credits, we headed to BZ Ceti to purchase our Anacondas.

The outfitting we decided on, which can be seen at Coriolis.edcd.io here, is designed for maximum jump range while still carring dual SRV’s for planetary exploration should the opportunity arise.

We started by “D” rating all of the Core Internal modules to get the lightest available.

Well, aside from the FSD which we A-Rated  for jump range.

Then we downsized each as much as we dared, settling on a 4D power plant, 5D thrusters, and 7D Power Distributor.

As far as the Optional Internal, we went with a single 7E cargo rack, 3D Shield Generator (safe enough for landings and minor bumps,) 6B Fuel Scoop (fast refills,) and the already mentioned 4G Planetary Vehicle Hanger.

This outfitting gets us close to our 45LY jump range, coming in jump above 36LY when unladen.

And with just 50% engineering on the FSD we’ll be able to get to over 53LY jump range.

So now that we have our ships and have unlocked Felicity (requirements can be seen here,) the next step is to collect the materials needed to perform the required upgrades.

As can be seen below, Chemical Processors, Chemical Distillery, and Chemical Manipulators are all needed along with Wake info and basic Materials:

So that’s we we stand at the moment, needing to go out and find these materials so we can engineer our drives.

If you have any suggestions on good spots to find said materials, please don’t hesitate to share them below!