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Flashback Friday: Modern Warfare 2! (Rated M)

Flashback Friday: Modern Warfare 2! (Rated M)

In today’s Flashback Friday we’re highlighting a gameplay video of CAG in Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2!

NEW! Find yourself in this video and win a CAG Medal! Details below…

Get the NEW CAG MP Movie Medal when you find yourself in a CAG multiplayer gameplay movie posted on our homepage.

To get the medal, just post a reply to this post with the exact time you appear!


  • It doesn’t have to be your character proper, it can just be your gamertag on the screen or in the player listing.
  • If your gamertag in the movie is different than your name here let us know that too!

Full disclosure: As of the date of this posting, I could only find one “new forum” member in the vid at 8:45… is it you?

Also, please feel free to post your own “flashbacks” in our new forums, or comment on this Flashback below,

Until next time, Game on!