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Halo Master Chief Collection: Pre-order Bonus Options

Halo Master Chief Collection: Pre-order Bonus Options

If you’re a big Halo fan like me, you’ve either already pre-ordered the Halo Master Chief Collection, or are planning to do so soon.

halo-master-chief-collection-fiBut these days, pre-ordering doesn’t always mean visiting your favorite retailer. No, in today’s market many gamers also are on the lookout for the retailer with the best pre-order bonus.

At that’s where I found myself a couple weeks back, looking at who was offering Halo Master Chief Collection pre=order bonuses.

Surprisingly, the list of retailers offering pre-order bonuses is quite short:


The online behemoth is currently offering, wait for it, a Pinata skull. Yeah, that’s it – a skull.


The mega retailer of all thing gaming is offering the pre-order bonus of… a… Bandana skull. Really? Ugh.


BestBuy, the last local electronics store in many rejoins is offering a Grunt Funeral skull… but wait, it gets better…

They are also offered a physical multiplayer map guide containing ALL 100 maps. From the pictures it’s not huge, but seeing as you get a skull AND a book of maps, well for me the choice was clear – BestBuy got my order.


Note: During the order process I did find out an interesting tidbit – the MP guide won’t be available for pickup until December. Not a big deal for me, but it may be for someone else so I thought I mention it.

With that said, I’d love to know if you plan on getting Halo Master Chief Collection? Just reply to this post to us know!

Until next time – game on!