Karnage Chronicles VR – Continuing The Dungeon Crawl (E3)

Sir Grey, Sir Macebyte and Sir Ocelot continue playing through Karnage Chronicles VR. Please give us a thumbs up and sub! ✌️ Join the VR...

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ELITEcast: Humans Strike Back – NHSS Threat 4 and 5

CMDR's Greylock and Macebyte work on NHSS Threat 4 and 5, while Spyrle visits an AX Conflict Zone in this week's ELITEcast (Elite Dangerous...

ARK survival game, Star Citizen Alpha 2, and what we’ve been playing discussed in...

  Band of Gamers Podcast Episode 27, December 14th, 2015 In this episode of the "Band of Gamers" podcast DBQhams, Osiris Prime, Zeuxidamas, and Greylock3491 discuss what they've played,...

Destiny – Xur SELLING GJALLARHORN! August 14th

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Sx-WcWxF2OI Destiny Xur Location - SELLING GJALLARHORN!!

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Episode 49, Band Of Gamers Podcast

  Band of Gamers Podcast Episode 49, June 19th, 2016 In this episode of the "Band of Gamers" podcast DBQhams, Osiris Prime, Zeuxidamas, and Greylock3491 talk about...

Analogue Nt – Modern NES!

It's gorgeous, it supports every game, and it works on your modern television. Source: Analogue Nt Nintendo - Business Insider

Star Trek Bridge Crew VR – Prologue Shakedown Mission (E1)

CMDR Greylock tries to complete the Star Trek Bridge Crew Prologue Shakedown Mission Solo. Starts at * 2:54 * Please give us a thumbs...

Vive Cosmos Specs Revealed! Windows Mixed Reality Out Of Stock? (E9)

Vive Cosmos specs revealed! Windows Mixed Reality out of stock everywhere? Oculus Quest seeing "console like" adoption? Sir Grey and Sir Aga discuss it...
Twitch + XBox One

Thoughts on Streaming, Twitch, and the XBox One

I’ve struggled a bit with the whole streaming thing. I was into it big time when I was writing for a site, doing game...


New Call of Duty Advanced Warfare Live Action Trailer (Rated M)

New Call Of Duty Advanced Warfare live action trailer If you haven't seen it yet it's worth checking out this new Call of Duty Advanced...