CDKeys FiAs all my XBOX friends know, I’m back on XBOX Live having just purchased 12 months of XBOX Live Gold.

After over a year’s absence, I figured the time was right to join back up.

However, I had no desire to pay $60 for a year for the service, so I hit the internet to try and find a deal.

But the only place I could find a deal at was a site I never heard of before,

But the 40% discount was just to appealing to turn down, so I took the plunge! I’m happy to say everything worked perfectly, and I now have 12 months of service for my 360 and XBO 🙂

Now, you might notice the price I said I paid was $39, but the prices listed on the site are $41. Well, you get an additional discount it you like their Facebook page, and I couldn’t see a reason not to and it worked! 🙂

PS – In retrospect, the 12+1 deal might be a little better :-/

Well, until next time – Game On!