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I Am A Gamer

I Am A Gamer

It was late 1970 something, and my older brother had just come home from the store where my Dad had taken him so he could spend some cash he recently received.

Not yet ten years old, I was always amazed at the cool things my older brother would buy.

And what he had just bought was definitely the coolest thing yet – a home video game system that plugged into the TV!

It wasn’t just a Pong clone either.

It actually came with several different games, as well as a couple of shooting games.

And it also had several setting which could be changed to make the games harder or easier.

However, the best feature of all was how Radio Shack / Tandy had included a second paddle controller.

Ok, so Pong based games kind of require it right?

But this meant for my older brother to fully enjoy his new toy he would need to invite others to play with him.

And that lead to me getting my shot as player number two, and that’s when I first remember knowing that video games were something I really liked!

Ever since that day in late 1970 something, I have considered myself a gamer.

Not an every day gamer mind you – there is just so much to do and see in this world that I really like to mix things up.

But a gamer none the less, as gaming is one of the few hobbies I’ve had since childhood.

My name is Grey, and I’m a gamer.

Welcome to my blog: www.TheGamersSite.com 🙂