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Wing Commander 3 for FREE!!!

Wing Commander 3 for FREE!!!

Wing-Commander-3-CrewWing Commander is one of the original first person space combat sims.

It not only captured intense dog-fights in space, but it also had a great original story and memorable characters.

And while Wing Commander 1 and 2 had average PC graphics for their time, Wing Commander 3 raised the bar.

Three is for Awesome, Mark Hamill, and Cat People.

Wing-Commander-3-Box-BackBut it wasn’t the awesome graphics that got all the attention, if fact many gamers like myself could never dream of maxing them out and maintaining a playable framerate.

What made WC3 stand apart was what seemed like HOURS of FMV (full motion video) that included Mark Hamill and other well known actors.

Not sold yet? How about if it was FREE!

So, at this point if you’re no convinced this is your type of retro game, I would like to mention it’s available for a limited time totally FREE.

That’s right. As part of Origin’s “On the house” program, you can pickup a copy of this classic today for nothing more than logging into Origin.

Just drop by http://www.Origin.com, select “Free,” and then “On The House” (or just click HERE) to snag a little piece of gaming history.

Until next time – Game On!