Macebyte, Spyrle, Zefariath, and Greylock start their exploration of the top 100 sites in Elite Dangerous by visiting the first six sites listed below:

Prefix LY from Sol System Nearest Planet/Station Description Category
E001 4.38 Alpha Centauri B1 Civ. Instal. Space installations
E002 7.17 Wise 0855-0714 5A Agri. Instal. Space installations
E003 11.73 Groombridge 34 4 A Sci. Instal. Space installations
E004 24.31 Beta Hydri mil. Instl. near Homeland Fed Cap ship dock Capital ship docks
E005 28.6 Charick Drift A Atlas Gen. ship Megaships
E006 34.97 Parutis Evans Port Fed Cap. Ship Dock (plus satellites) Capital ship docks
E007 39.5 Hermitage 4 A  Lat -53.75 Log 157.61 INRA1

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