Grey & Aga first impressions of the Oculus Quest & Rift S, Tested’s Impressions of the Index, and other VR News on the VR Game Knights show. If you enjoy the show please give us a like and sub. Thanks! ✌️

VR Game Knights show hosts:
– Sir Grey: Live From The Oasis:
– Sir Aga: Rounding Off Infinity:

This episode’s show notes and links:
– Tested’s Index Impressions:
– Agasicles Rift S Live-Test Impressions:
– How to Fix Rift S issues:
– Odyssey+ On Sale for $300:
– Viveport gets WMR support:
– PS4 Days of Play:
– Custom Songs on Beat Saber on Quest:
– PSVR 2 Unlikely to Launch with PS5:
– MRTV – is WMR Tracking Bad? Nope:
– Quest’s Guardian – map a path to fridge:
– Quest Lens Cover at Thingverse:

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