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Episode 23, October 26th, 2015

In this episode of the “Band of Gamers” podcast Zeuxidamas and Greylock3491 discuss what they’ve played, news of the week, and the Battlefront Beta.

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What we’ve played this week:

Zeux – Crysis (PC), dropped Steam entirely, switched whole inventory over to GoG, problems with other services; Steam is the new DRM Emperor, and it is not a good thing for gamers /// NBA 2K16 (a little, but…see above)

Greylock3491 – Halo2 Co-op, Forza 6, Super Mario 1 & 3 (NES), Rayman Legends, Halo 5

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Topic of the Week:

Frustration when digital games don’t work and you can’t get refunds (recent Steam refunds attempt detailed)

Streaming – what we’re doing now on PC and XBO

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– The Band of Gamers crew